There are many interesting fields of study for people to choose from, and if you are looking to develop a career, it makes sense to choose an area of study that interests you but thatis also in demand from employers. One area that has become very popular in recent times is applied psychology. Applied psychology is an area that places a great level of focus on the use of practical research in the real world. The use of applied psychology helps to bring real-world situations and outcomes to the laboratory-based experiments and abstract theories that have been developed. One of the most important attributes of applied psychology is that it helps to validate a range of psychology theories while creating tangible outcomes and a greater level of understanding in the real world.


While basic psychology is popular, it focuses on providing knowledge for the sake of knowledge and in creating a platform to experiment or create hypotheses. The benefit of applied psychology is that it takes this approach further, using it in the real world alongside people who are impacted on by certain factors or incidents. An applied psychologist has an aim of implementing programs or advocating behavior change in order to reach an outcome. While theoretical understanding is of benefit and interest, when it comes to making an impact on people, animals, and organizations, applied psychology is the platform that brings about change.


Applied psychologists work in the real world


An applied psychologist will have a starting knowledge of research techniques and methods, and they will be able to create hypotheses and develop experimental plans. An applied psychologist will be able to collect, analyze, and then interpret their findings while also being able to present their findings in a manner that persuades other people of their benefits. In addition to the applied psychologist skills that a professional must develop, it is likely that a successful person in this field will have strong report-writing skills, will be able to engage with others, and will have the ability to work to deadlines and operate under pressure. For some people, this role would be a challenge that stands opposed to the way that they would prefer to work, but for other people, the role of an applied psychologist would sit well with their working outlook and practices.


The most important aspect of applied psychology is that it can be used in a wide range of ways. A good example of how applied psychology can be used in the real world can be seen with work undertaken to improve safety on the road. An applied psychologist would work alongside researchers to understand the factors that are present in areas with a high level of traffic accidents. An applied psychologist would review the information and perhaps make findings that a large proportion of accidents are caused not by driver error but by drivers who break traffic rules and regulations, such as failing to yield or driving beyond the speed limit. This information would then be taken onwards with campaigns to raise awareness of the real issues that cause these traffic problems and would focus on changing attitudes.


A passion for applied psychology can lead to a career


It is important that professionals with an interest in applied psychology find the right course for their needs. Depending on where you live, what level of education you already possess, or what free time you have available to study in, it may be that your options are limited. This is why the emergence of online educational options are of benefit. People who live in remote areas will find that online educational developments have transformed their ability to learn, but even people in major cities may find that the convenience or affordable cost of learning online is better for them.


Of course, it is essential to find an online educational provider with a strong reputation for courses and service. Finding a reputable online educational provider that provides a course in which you are interested is often the first step in developing a career that is right for you, and applied psychology is a great option for many people. As an example, USC offers a master’s program in applied psychology that will offer people who have an interest in this topic the chance to further their career and develop their knowledge.


If you have an interest in theoretical findings but you are also driven by how to change or better understand the real world, it may be that applied psychology is a topic that is ideally suited to you. There is a growing level of demand for professionals who can operate in this area, so it is a fantastic opportunity to combine a passion with a career.