Detroit auto show kicks off Wednesday Sept. 13

Detroit auto show kicks off Wednesday Sept. 13


(CBS DETROIT) – The Detroit auto show is back and is set to kick off over the weekend. Members of the media got special access on Wednesday to catch a glimpse at what to expect.

From off-roading adventures to checking out the latest and greatest vehicles, there’s lots to do at the auto show.

This year marks its second show post-pandemic.

“We are the Motor City. I mean, it’s the Big Three all right here, so having this here is awesome because one thing about us, we may use public transportation, but most people buy vehicles,” said Okela Neveaux, an auto show attendee.

Organizers say there are over 30 different car vendors in town for the show. Electric vehicles prove to be big.

The show also has a new EV indoor experience, which allows guests to get in the passenger side and check out the EV.

“They just drive very nice. People are always surprised how well they drive. We gotta get over this range anxiety,” said Todd Szott with Szott Automotive.

As if EVs weren’t futuristic enough, there’s also a bit of a show-stopper. There may soon be a time when cars will be on the roadways and also in the skies.

“The first real flying car, that’s pretty much what it is; it’s a fully functioning car with vertical take off,” said Jim Dukhovny, CEO of Alef Aeronautics.

The Detroit auto show has a little bit for everyone in the family. It will wrap up on Sunday, Sept. 24.