Actually you can avoid the above if you know how to choose a good quality book. Well, so that you are no longer disappointed when buying a book, here we present tips to get a good book.

1. Get to know from the author
The saying goes, do not know then do not love. This expression also applies when you choose a book. Before buying a book, find out first who the author of the book is. If you already know the author of the book as a quality book writer, you may feel confident that the book is of high quality.
You should know, a good book is usually written by a writer who has expertise in his field. For example, you want to find a book about the economy, it is appropriate that the book is written by an author with an economic background. Maybe the writer is an economic teacher or lecturer, an economic practitioner, or famous as an economist, for more information :

2. Get to know from the publisher
In Indonesia there are hundreds of publishers. However, not all publishers have the ability to publish quality books. Usually publishers who have been around for a long time have this capability.
In addition, experienced publishers generally have good book writers. So, look for books that are published by experienced publishers and their books are famous for quality, for more information : a course in miracles books

3. Get to know from the design and typography
If you are sure that the author and publisher of the book are quality, try to take a quick look at the contents in the book. Observe the design, does it make it easier for you to read it or not. A well-designed and beautiful design will help the reader to understand the contents of the book better.
Also note the text or letters of the book’s contents. Quality book requirements, both content text and typography or the type of letters of the book help the reader to absorb the contents of the book. Preferably, the letters are not too big or not too small. Meanwhile, typography or the form of letters is simple but clear.

4. Get to know from the illustrations
At present, books don’t only contain letters. Both illustrations and photos have become part of the book. The addition of illustrations in the book means to add to the beauty of the book and help readers understand the contents of the book.
So, if you buy a book that has illustrations or photos in it, try to see if the illustration supports the contents of the book or not. It’s useless that the illustrations are good, but the illustration is not at all related to what is explained in the book. Conversely, even if the illustration fits the contents of the book, if it is not interesting and clear, it will disturb the entire book.

5. Get to know from the cover of the book
You can also see quality books from the cover or cover. The cover should be able to reflect the contents of the book. So, if the cover of the book is not interesting, careless, easily damaged, how can we be sure if the book is of high quality? A good book should have a cover that has an attractive design and is made of material that is strong or not easily damaged.

6. Get to know from the synopsis
Synopsis is a summary of the contents of the book along with its advantages. Usually the contents of this synopsis are displayed on the back cover of the book. Before you decide to buy a book, it would be nice if you read the synopsis of the book. This method will be useful to ensure that the book fits your needs.

7. Get to know from the list of contents
In addition to the synopsis, you can find out the contents of a book by looking at the list of contents. The table of contents is the points or chapters contained in the book. Usually, the table of contents is on the start page in a book. A good book should have a table of contents that can reflect the contents of the book.