A rapper named Ghali Amdouni released the ‘unisex hijab’, or Muslim women’s clothing for men to wear. Unmitigated, this ‘unisex hijab’ fashion collaborates with the well-known brand United Color of Benetton which is a world-famous manufacturer.

In Islam, the hijab is a garment that must be worn by women to cover the aurat from the hair to the toes. Along with the development of trends and the fashion world, now the hijab has transformed into one of the clothes that is no less interesting to wear.

There are many hijab styles that we can imitate, ranging from traditional or modern models that still cover the genitals perfectly. Especially in the midst of the trend of women’s activities starting to be equal to men, many women have to adjust, including in Muslim clothing.

The innovation of the ‘unisex hijab’ fashion has emerged in the past few years, and the fashion brand United Colors of Benetton is now making it happen. Hijab This ‘unisex hijab’ means it can be worn by both men and women. And it is available in black, red, green and yellow for around IDR 400 thousand.

The collaboration between Benetton and Ghali can now be purchased, both online and offline.

Interestingly, the collection was launched at Milan Fashion Week this year. And the rapper himself has posed in several photos wearing the outfit, which is said to have also appeared in several of his music videos.

Quoted from the Indian Express, the 28-year-old rapper – who was born to Tunisian parents – said this outfit was what he had always wanted.

“Hijab is a unique piece of clothing that I really wanted. Unisma There was no refusal from companies to include it in their collections. When I was a child, I was bullied at school, no one represented me, while now it’s normal,” said Ghali.

He wants to change people’s views, especially in Western countries, about Islam and Arab countries, especially Tunisia. Hijab Where many people think negatively of those who wear the hijab.

“I’m tired of hearing how everything about Arab or Tunisian is associated with something negative. When I was a kid my mother was afraid I would go out with my Arab friends, she would rather I have Italian friends. Now I think it’s important to say that this diversity is a plus, that’s what makes me unique.”

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