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Frequently we experience web pages which display ads irrelevant to the content of the web page. Successful context advertising is not easy to achieve in this info glut. It is not easy for a machine (a context advertising engine) to deduct successfully the subject of an article, based on few keywords and keyword intensity. This is why everybody is trying to successfully introduce semantic structure in the web site content, through content classification, sitemaps and page meta tags.

Google aims to continuously improve the user experience on the sponsored links it promotes on its SERP. It places links which are more popular (more followed by users) on better web page spots. This approach is also more lucrative for Google.

Most established web publishers do not wish to have irrelevant ads or low quality links on their pages, that if followed worsen the user experience and the perceived quality of the referring site. This damages the reputation of a site. Konseling Online Therefore they make deals with advertisers in order to place ads of known businesses, active in the market the site is targeting. These ads are often banner ads, but they may also involve contextual advertising.

As on-line advertising market matures, it is expected to offer services to web publishers, which involve forwarding ads that are highly relevant to the web page subject published. This may entail additional complexity for sites and pages updated frequently. Moreover, on-line advertising market makers are expected to introduce differentiated advertising services. For example they might see value in offering services which are targeting web sites of a specific maturity level only, or offer services for specific vertical markets (e.g. real estate).

On the other hand, web publishers should monitor the relevance of the ads that are forwarded to their pages. Lowongan Kerja Article banks which host a broad range of subjects should not publish ads on their home page, because these ads shall be irrelevant to the user interest in most cases.

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There is high potential for further improvement of the methods behind contextual advertising. On-line advertising market makers are studying ways to improve the Customer experience. On the other side, web publishers should facilitate engines to better understand the context of their content.

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