Olivia Rodrigo has refused to confirm whether she is single or in a relationship.

The 20-year-old pop singer is thought to have previously dated Disney co-stars such as Ethan Wacker and Joshua Bassett but remained coy about her current relationship status, explaining that she “doesn’t kiss and tell” but can “understand” why others may be inquisitive about her personal life.

Asked if she is currently single, she told Vogue: “I don’t know! I don’t kiss and tell. It’s an interesting thing to think about. I understand it. I could sit here and be like, ‘I don’t get why people do that,’ but I do it so often.”

Meanwhile, the ‘vampire’ hitmaker – who shot to fame in 2020 with her viral track ‘drivers license’ after being spotted on Instagram – went on to explain that although she had been singing and writing music from such a young age, her early attempts at a career were met with cofusion

She said: “I would get a microphone from the Dollar Tree and make up songs about being lost in the grocery store. I was always singing. I was always super motivated to do things. I remember being in meetings when I was 13 and they were asking me what I wanted my brand to be, and I was just like, ‘I don’t even know what I want to wear tomorrow.’

“I was under the impression that the younger you are, the more successful you’ll be in the music industry.”

The ‘good 4 u’ songstress- who is due to release new album ‘GUTS’ later this year – topped the charts around the world with her debut record ‘SOUR’ and explained that because of its mass success, she had to distract herself from creating music but now makes herself write every morning.

She said: “I wake up and make my little matcha and I make bacon for myself, and then I sit at the piano and try to write something, even if it’s s***. [Before], I would hang out with my friends every single night and have a sleepover, or I’d cling to a boyfriend, anything to not process what was actually happening in my life