Nissan’s automobile brand co-founded with Chinese automaker Dongfeng Motor, Venucia, will utilize Dongfeng’s electric vehicle platform to manufacture new energy vehicles, according to an August 21 report by Chinese news agency CLS. Previously, reports said that Nissan would use the S pure electric platform of the quantum intelligent electric architecture developed by Dongfeng to produce electric vehicles. In response, Nissan China clarified that the brand set to utilize the platform is not Nissan itself, but rather its joint venture in China. In April of this year, Dongfeng unveiled its quantum intelligent electric architecture, an underlying structure that supports various powertrains, such as pure electric, extended-range, and plug-in hybrid. This architecture covers different vehicle sizes from small to large, and is suitable for sedans, SUVs, and MPVs. Sino-Japanese joint venture company Dongfeng-Nissan established Venucia in 2010. Currently, it aims to transition to the new energy vehicles market through Venucia, as stated by Dongfeng-Nissan during its 20th anniversary event in June this year. [CLS, in Chinese]