How to Achieve Success in Life

Success. This is one of the words that many people talk about in their life. Especially career life. Everyone has a different definition of success. Some say that success is the success of sending all of their children up to university level. Some say that success is in owning lots of mansions and expensive cars.

Whatever definition of “success” we have, our efforts towards the success we want will be a thing of the past. What are the steps we need to take to achieve true success?

In this article, I invite all Career Advice readers to always focus on the 5 important things below and fellow readers need to always remember them in order to be successful in life, no matter what age you are. But remember, you cannot forget the afterlife of the human. Its important too.

1. Learn to Love Doing the Things We Hate

“Well, I think I’ll start making reports tomorrow”, “I don’t think I’m in the mood to clean the house right now. Doing it on Saturdays seems like a good idea ”. These two conversations are just one small example of procrastinating on a job.

Without realizing it, we may not like all the things we need to do. This is why we often procrastinate work. We don’t find a burning “passion” as we work on it.

In situations like these, it’s important that we learn to love doing things we don’t like. There are two important elements for us to think about in this regard, namely:

First, try to find out how these annoying things can be useful for our work as a whole. For example, we really hate English. But, this language is an international language that can help us to expand our connections and find foreign investors for our business. When we try to learn it, and it works. Then, we will feel satisfied in this.

Second, try to find fun things from activities that we don’t like. For example, I get really upset when I have to wash the dishes that have piled up in the kitchen. But, I try to like it, because like it or not I have to wash it. After I did, it turned out that there is something fun about washing dishes. I can wash while playing with water and sing in the kitchen.

2. Finish the Difficult First, the Easy Later

Many of my friends who have achieved success have advised that we need to complete big and difficult tasks first. Why so? According to their experience, when we succeed in solving big problems, small problems will just be solved.

Whatever the profession of your fellow readers, make sure your Career Advice colleagues always make a list of tasks every day. And, classify the tasks according to the most important and most complicated tasks to do immediately. Prioritize these tasks, because we can easily complete other light tasks.

3. Think maturely regardless of our age

If we are young, we need to think carefully and if we are old, we need to think like young people. What does this statement mean? the point is that as young people, we must learn all the wisdom and experiences that parents have. On the other hand, as parents, we need to learn to do new things that have never been done before. Make the creativity of young people as one of our lessons.

The teenage years are all things like fun adventures. The best way to keep learning is to keep feeling curious about new things that we didn’t know before. And, don’t forget to ’empty your brain’ to get new useful knowledge.

4. Be a Good Listener

Often times we listen only to respond, not to understand what other people are telling us. If we continue to be selfish people who only want to respond to what we hear, without trying to understand it. Believe me, success will be further away from us.

Listening to understand is an effective way so that we can learn more. And those who never stop learning are the ones who have a great chance of being successful.

5. Take care of our health

Have you ever done any Career Advice readers when you are not feeling well? It must feel really bad, right? No one can do well when sick.

This is why it is important for us to always stay healthy and exercise. There are so many successful people I know who like to exercise in the morning on a regular basis. If we have a healthy body, then we can achieve success at any age.