Devops Training – Perfect For Your Career

The DevOps is a collection of operations that gives emphasis to the collaboration and communication of both information technology professionals and software developers. It automates the process of software delivery and the changes of infrastructure. The main aim of DevOps is establishing an environment for faster, reliable and frequent software building, testing and releasing. DevOps online training provides knowledge about this DevOps culture.

The main goal of starting the DevOps culture is to integrate the operation and development teams in order to enhance the productivity hubs and collaboration. This leads to achieving the technical advantages of regular software delivery, faster solutions, reduced problem complexity and a constant operating environment. The quick delivery of software is an essential one for organizations. This helps them to stay above the competition and DevOps did this by aligning the goals, sharing the tools, improving code quality and sharing techniques that allow for rapid software delivery.

The information technology workshop gives an intensive knowledge on DevOps which is helpful for the professionals to learn all the methods of bringing collaboration among operations, development and product delivery streamline.  Also, the workshop provides the best practices for software development and the most significant use of software tools. It teaches the candidates about the software life cycle starting from the requirement analysis to coding and production support.

By learning DevOps a person will be

  • Able to write the testable requirements and write effective user acceptance test
  • Able to understand the concepts of the virtualization and containers
  • Understand the important concepts of the object-oriented design and make efficient use of its design models
  • Able to develop their own high-quality code using test driven development

Targeted audience of DevOps

The DevOps culture is suitable for professionals such as

  • Technical Project Managers
  • Software developers
  • DevOps Architect
  • Automation Engineer
  • System Administrator
  • Operations Engineer
  • Software Tester
  • Security Engineer
  • Integration Specialist
  • Release Manager
  • Operations supports
  • Architects
  • Software professionals
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Build and Release Engineer
  • AppOps Engineer
  • Site Reliability Engineer

Prerequisites for learning DevOps

It is better to have prior knowledge of software development in Java and UNIX or LINUX command line tools while learning DevOps. This will help to learn DevOps in an easy manner.

Benefits of learning DevOps

Learning DevOps helps the participants to

  • Know the concepts and necessities of DevOps
  • Understand the benefits of DevOps
  • Understand the need of Monitoring and Logging
  • Learn how to install and configure the common infrastructure servers like Apache, Nginx
  • Learn about the DevOps tools such as Jenkins, Puppet, Chef, Ansible, SaltStack, Nagios and GIT
  • Learn about the configuration deployment and packaging, continuous integration using the GIT
  • Learn how to improve the performance and set-up basic security for infrastructure
  • Continuous integration and testing, continuous deployment and delivery, continuous monitoring
  • Learn about the common Infrastructure Servers, Scalability, and Availability
  • Implement Automated Installations and Deployments
  • Understand Performance and basic Security for Infrastructure
  • Implement Virtualization Concepts