The Cowichan Performing Arts Centre art gallery is hosting an open house and artist talkback on Saturday, Jan. 27.

It will feature a new exhibit of Ukrainian folk crafts by local artist Nikki Manzie titled The Lands Dreams in Ceremonies: Reparations.

The event is free to attend and runs from 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. in the art gallery, located in the theatre lobby on the third floor of the community centre. It will include a walkthrough of the art, a slideshow of extended works not included in the exhibit and a Q&A with the artist.

“The show is one woman’s experienced Ukrainian diaspora as an uninvited settler-occupier and her relationship with land,” said a press release for the event. The exhibit follows 13 groupings of Ukrainian folk-craft that relate to 13 significant locations in the artist’s experience, as well as 13 ceremonies and 13 moon cycles.

“Through Ukrainian folk knowledge and craft, along with ceremonies timed by the old calendar (misyats, or moon cycles), I explore the intersection of tradition with direct relationship with the lands,” said Manzie in the release. “What it means to root ancestral knowledge in a ‘good way’ in territories where I am an uninvited guest.”

Featured in the exhibit are various Ukrainian folk-crafts.

“Each talisman reflects Ukrainian sacred knowledge and folklore; who I am as mixed-ancestry diaspora and my direct relationship with the lands I have inhabited and been connected to on Vancouver Island,” Manzie said. On display are talismanic figures of montanka, pysanka, ryshnyk and more, along with photos and words from the artist detailing the traditional crafts and its relationship to the significant locations.

The slideshow will start at 1:30 p.m. For more information contact [email protected]


And if you’re looking for even more art to fill the senses, the first show in the Annex of the Cowichan Valley Arts Council Gallery is on now until Feb. 3.

! Re Con Junction of the Antipodes? “explores the grey area between polar opposites,” says information about the show. In geography an atipode is defined as the spot on Earth diametrically opposite another. It features works by Cam Russell, John Robertson, Dennis Malkin and Dennis Del Torre.

The gallery is located at the Cowichan Community Centre in Duncan.