The ever-churning trend machine has made it so that fashion and clothing is more accessible than ever. And while a great outfit is something we all can get behind, the rate of clothing production (and ever decreasing quality) is creating a major problem for the planet. Landfills are piling up with unwanted garments in earth-damaging materials, and the inhumane manufacturing process is hurting workers around the world.

While the issue is certainly dire, there are myriad ways to shop without hurting the environment–for starters not buying new clothing or virgin materials. In the last few years, dozens of brands have emerged that are prioritizing upcycling of old clothing or textiles to make new and incredible pieces that are not only unique using organic fabrics, ethical manufacturing, and zero waste, companies are putting their brands at the forefront of sustainable change. The benefits for the consumer are endless: not only can you curate a wardrobe you feel good about, you can invest in quality garments that you know are unique.

Ahead, see 5 eco-friendly, upcycling brands that every chic person should incorporate into their wardrobe.