4 Benefits of Joining Greek Life in College

One of the most popular ways to engage in campus life in college is to join a fraternity or a sorority. Some students are turned off by the idea, but you really shouldn’t be right away. While you may think Greek life is just an excuse for students to throw big parties (and for some it is), it’s much more that. Read our four reasons to join this unique lifestyle and see if it’s right for you.


1. Friends

It is so much easier to make friends at a new place if you have a group of like-minded people to join. Rushing a fraternity or a sorority will offer you membership into an organization that is just that. Plus, you and the students you rush with will all share the same journey and memories should you make it in together. Lasting bonds will form between you that will serve as the basis for future friendships. Once you’re in a Greek organization, those similar experiences will continue, and you will develop a support network at school that will hopefully compare to the one you have at home.

2. Activities

Everyone who has even seen a movie about college has seen the stereotypical frat parties. “Animal House” is more true to life than people probably think. Granted, that might not be something that appeals to you, but it’s important to remember that fun is an important part of any college experience. If you’re plugged into Greek life, you won’t have to worry about what party to go to on weekends. Instead, you’ll have your pick. Also, parties aren’t the only activities. Many Greek organizations sponsor community service events, as well. The point is, joining a fraternity or sorority will save you from spending too much time developing a social life so you can focus on studying and just join in when you’re done.

3. Housing

If you’re a member of a Greek organization, this could mean you might be able to opt-out of student housing for something nice or more interesting. Many fraternities or sororities have their own houses, and some come with house mothers and cooks. Depending on where you’ve decided to attend, this could be a significant step up from your other housing prospects. Or maybe the dorm life just doesn’t appeal to you and you’d prefer to live in something homier. Finally, if your fraternity or sorority has a house off campus, you might be able to save money by living there instead of paying room and board to live on campus. This is a case in which joining Greek life could turn a bit of a profit.

4. Networking

Once you join a fraternity or sorority, you will be a member for life. Much like your school’s alumni association, once you graduate, you’ll have access to a network of former brothers and sisters potentially across the world. This could offer you benefits like mentorship, job connections or maybe just new friends if you move to a new city. If you attend the University of Michigan, click here to see just how many Greek organizations they have. They are all tons of opportunities to make sure your degree is a long-term investment.