Calcium Chloride for industries 


Calcium chloride (CaCl2) is a chemical compound composed of calcium and chlorine. It is highly soluble in water, absorbs moisture highly, and is known as a moisturizer. This material must be stored in airtight and moisture-proof packages. CaCl2 is soluble in water, so it is used as a suitable source of calcium, in substitution reactions, and easily replaces another cation.

Applications of Calcium Chloride

Calcium chloride has many uses in the industry such as:

  • Used in oil and gas drilling
  • Melting ice and snow on roads
  • Soil stabilization and control of dust and fine dust on roads and deserts
  • Accelerates the clogging process in concrete
  • Industrial processes such as plastics, calcium salt production, facilitation of wastewater treatment.

Physical and chemical properties

The compound is usually odorless white crystals with an octagonal (cubic) structure. Calcium chloride is a moisture absorber and is available in both dry and hydrated forms, but dihydrate and hexahydrate forms are very rare. Unlike other calcium compounds, this salt is highly soluble and can be used as a source of calcium ions. It is soluble in glycerin and when it is dissolved in a high concentration of glycerin, it forms a glass.

Its chemical formula is CaCl2

  • Has a molecular weight of 110,978 grams per mole
  • Has a boiling point of 1670 and a melting point of 782 degrees Celsius

Its solubility in water is about 0.745 g / ml at 20 ° C.

Its density is 2.15 at 68 degrees Fahrenheit

  • Its boiling point is set at about 1600 ° C.

Application of calcium chloride in the drilling industry

Calcium chloride is widely used in drilling oil wells. Cacl2 is one of the weighting fluids in the production of water-based mud that can regulate the density of petroleum liquids and help to control pressure. This …