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6 Traits of Great Government Leaders in South Africa

It is true that the political party that one supports will be a great deciding factor of whether he or she gets elected or not. So, the love for a certain political outfit supersedes the need to evaluate the candidate based on other important traits. For a few wise persons, however, electing a certain candidate is only possible after looking at his or her unique traits. Before you elect someone into office, make certain they have the following 6 qualities of political leadership.

The campaign period is one that is characterized by promises of what the person will do once he or she is elected. A keen eye is needed because you need to distinguish between realistic and idealistic promises. If not, many of the promises will remain unfulfilled, several years after the person assumes office. The ability of a political candidate to keep his or her word is a rare trait but it forms the foundation of all other qualities.

Good leaders know how to compromise whenever there are differences of opinion present because divergent views will always come from various quarters. These differences stem from the fact that people have varying backgrounds and influences, which then shape their opinions at some point. That is why there will always be an opposition in any legitimate democracy. With differing opinions, people have variety and also a different way of looking at things.

The search for an honest leader will never cease. Most of the people who are vying for office will just say anything to get votes, though they know deep down that the information is filled with falsehoods. Dependable leaders will always utter truthful statements even if they hurt their election bids.

Independence is a critical trait of any government or political leader. The reason is that a majority of the characters in office are just doing the bidding of foreign nations or powerful businesspersons in their jurisdictions. An independent candidate will always receive campaign funding from well-known sources and will never side with any person or organization.

It is tough to find a government leader who admits whenever he or she makes a mistake. The result is a game of endless finger-pointing that leads to stagnation because it is difficult to identify the starting point of the problem. A great leader will admit where he or she is wrong, and even step down if needed because the purpose of the whole is more important that political self-interests.

A good leader is a selfless one. However, a good number of politicians just want to get the best of government contracts or carry out their illegal trades without challenges from other parties. Also, there are those who wish to retain power until the end of their lives and are willing to alter the constitution to make their wishes come true.

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