Why Executive Recruiters Must Keep Up With Current Trends

Executive Recruiters help organizations find and hire the high-level candidates they need for positions that may be difficult to fill. It’s good for these organizations to understand some of the trends and problems associated with executive recruiting so they have a better idea what to expect. They can ask questions of the search firm they hire to learn about the process.

There are several advantages with hiring an executive recruitment firm such as Kaye/Bassman. One is that the company seeks out potential candidates who would not have applied for the job. They may already be relatively content in a current position and not actively job seeking. Nevertheless, they also may be open to the idea of new opportunities. That type of recruitment, known casually in the business world as head hunting, is practically impossible for a corporation or other organization to do effectively. There are simply too many obstacles. It requires expertise, self-confidence and strong motivation, as well as a willingness to work very long hours when necessary.

An executive search firm stays on top of trends at all times, using techniques such as ongoing research, online news alerts and networking with a variety of business professionals. The team finds out early on when recruiting problems begin to develop in certain industries, like shortages of workers in particular occupations. They know it’s time to beef up their contact efforts in those occupations so they have a full file of potential candidates when a client needs to hire someone for a brand new position or for a replacement.

Recruiters also keep tabs on increasing demand in industries and occupations. For instance, they’ll learn that more developers and innovators than ever are needed for mobile applications, and they seek out those individuals. The same was true when the healthcare industry experienced a substantial shortage of registered nurses, especially those with bachelor’s and master’s degrees. In some technology fields, degrees have become less important, as talented individuals hone their skills on their own time. Recruiters may encourage companies with long-term outstanding positions to eliminate some non-essential qualifications, like a bachelor’s degree, and focus on other superb qualities the candidates have to offer.