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The Importance of Staffing Agencies in Every Country A staffing agency, which is also known as a temp agency, is an agency that would help people on finding that right job for them as well as to help businesses that would highly need a highly qualified employee to fill in the missing spot, especially if they are having trouble finding that so called ideal employee to work in their business. Most staffing agency usually has a ton of workers that are available for them to send to send to every business that may need them, and most of these workers also have distinct set of skills in their arsenal. And the staffing agency is also responsible on all the paperwork as well as the hiring process, which would be ideally convenient for either the employee as well as the business. Business owners would only need to clarify how many workers he or she may need, and for how long they would be needing them, as well as giving an hourly rate, which can also be negotiated with the staffing agencies. One good advantage for business owners to use staffing agencies to find their ideal worker is that they would no longer need to conduct any taxes and payrolls, and it is due to the fact that staffing agencies is also the one liable with giving their employee’s social security as well as their medical insurances if possible. Most employees coming from a staffing agencies also would not be needed to obtain unconventional benefits such as health insurances and retirement plans, which should be beneficial to any businesses. Staffing agencies is also really helpful for employees, since the staffing agencies will be responsible to find the preferable job for them. It also mainly depends on the client of the staffing agencies, whether they would need you as a temp worker or a full time worker, though there are some cases where temp workers will turn into full time worker if the client would ever wish them to be. The main criteria on judging base on staffing agencies is only your qualifications, skills as well as your credentials if you have one, and the most important criteria is your English speaking and understanding skills, since most staffing agencies would highly prefer giving jobs to individuals who have a high English speaking skill. Though a lot of temp workers may not ideally receive any cool benefits from working temporarily, they would still be earning that most important cash.22 Lessons Learned: Staffing

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