Tips for First Time Employers

The small home business has taken off and some help is required to meet customer demands. It is a milestone that can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. Becoming an employer is a major responsibility. There are a few simple steps that can protect the business from liability. One is to create an employment contract for employees to sign upon accepting a job offer.

It should include several aspects of employment, such as wages, paycheck frequency, a complete job description, a disciplinary policy, accumulation of personal time, and expectations of conduct. Contracts can be generated online, but the strongest ones regarding business protection are drawn up by a lawyer.

Another important factor in protecting the business is a risk assessment. Health and safety measures can reduce workplace accidents, and protect the business should an incident occur. A consultant can be hired to inspect the physical location, provide suggestions for improvements, and recommend solutions for any safety issues discovered.

A business owner can walk through the building and attempt to determine safety hazards, but an experienced consultant is trained to notice items that may escape the attention of the owner. The consultant can also provide third party documentation of the efforts made by the business to maintain a safe work environment. Depending on the insurance company, the documentation of an independent consultant can lower liability rates, or have a positive effect on workers compensation premiums.

Proper training of all employees is essential for a business. All employees should have training on policies and procedures, body mechanics, evacuation routes, and the sexual harassment policy. Training has to be up-to-date and documented. The human resources person can conduct training, or a trainer can be hired to complete training. An oversight agency may have regulations to follow to keep the business in compliance with specific training requirements.

Think carefully before hiring that first employee. If the desire is to keep the business small and simple, employees may not be conducive to that goal. Business owners can learn practical tips and information online at one of many websites designed to help business owners thrive. One example, biz catalyst 360, has navigational tabs to help owners find the exact information needed quickly.