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Taking Advantages of the Staffing Agency Solution Small companies typically have no human resources department – perhaps not even a single HR professional – providing in-house recruitment services. That can make it hard to move fast enough to vie for excellent talent. On top of that, while there are fees associated with using a staffing agency, working with staffing pros to hire the right people within a short period can be cheaper overall than engaging in a protracted hiring process — or making rushed choices. For huge companies, even those with full-scale HR departments, a reliable staffing agency can make for cost and time savings, with the more widespread networks of candidates they generally have. This is remarkably important nowadays where the specialized talent businesses require the most can be severely hard to find. Whether you’re searching for a full-time or temporary worker, a topnotch staffing agency can assist you in finding the best candidates, provide staffing advice through the unavoidable highs and lows in business, and act as your long-term recruitment and hiring partner.
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To maximize working with a staffing agency, look into these five tips:
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1. Look for an industry-specific agency. If you’re a restaurant, for instance, pick an agency that mainly places waiters, cooks and cashiers. Usually, this agency’s recruiters worked in similar positions as those they now place. With their industry knowledge and experience, candidates and employers are more likely to be good matches. 2. Be clear on what you want. Be clear about your company’s requirements, including the timetable you want to set for getting someone on board. It’s also a wise idea for your staffing agency reps to see your workplace firsthand. This will give them with a more accurate idea of your business culture and environment and, most importantly, the type of candidate who will most likely stand out in your organization. 3. Make updates as necessary. Make sure your agency is updated of any adjustments in your staffing requirements. As soon as an employee comes on board, examine that person’s progress with the recruiters a number of times for the first three or four weeks. With constant communication and feedback from you, the agency will be able to fine-tune their services according to your needs. 4. Be decisive when your expectations are not being met. Every now and then, regardless of everyone’s best efforts, some hires will just not work out. In this scenario, first find out if the employee wasn’t a good fit for you, or if the problem is the agency itself. The agency’s response to such issues can be revealing: Does it avoid responsibility or team up with you in search of a solution? Never hesitate to sever connections with a disappointing agency. 5. Take advantage of agency resources. Lastly, if your recruiters provide their registered candidates with training resources, let your workers take advantage of them. It’s a win-win solution for you. The employees placed by the agency can enhance their on-the-job skills at no cost, and that will come with benefits for everybody involved.