Considering Greek Life in College: 4 Factors to Consider First

Greek life is at the center of the college experience for many people. Some choose to join a fraternity or sorority as soon as they get on campus. Other people shy away or remain defiant of it. If you are thinking about joining Greek life, here are four factors that can make your decision easier.

Considering Greek Life in College: 4 Factors to Consider First

1. Expenses

Many college students don’t realize that joining a fraternity or sorority comes at a financial cost. There are often recruitment fees. You’ll also pay housing fees and dues, plus buy a new wardrobe and make contributions to social functions. There are a few expenses that simply aren’t optional. Therefore, you need to weigh whether these are practical on top of your tuition and the costs of living, textbooks, and meals.

2. Alcohol

In college, there’s often quite a bit of peer pressure to drink excessively. Underage drinking is commonplace on campuses all over the country. If you’re not comfortable drinking alcohol or are a parent concerned about your child being exposed to it, Greek life may be a part of the college experience to avoid.

3. Stereotypes

There are many stereotypes associated with people in fraternities and sororities or the house they become part of. Each one has different types of people. If the assumptions don’t bother you, enjoy your experience, but if they do then Greek life isn’t for everybody. On the other hand, a sorority house or fraternity can be like home, and you get to share so many things with other members.

4. Connecting

Meeting new people is part of Greek life. It’s certainly not the only way to make friends at the University of Michigan, but you do get to forge an instant connection with other fraternity or sorority members. You also have access to lots of events. There are themed parties, theatrical productions, philanthropy events, and more. If you’re a socialite, you certainly have a chance to spend a lot of time on these, but the time commitments can become extreme, especially considering your schoolwork and other demands.

Going Greek can be fun. If you’re shy and want to make friends, it can be worth considering. It also provides a chance to practice leadership and event planning skills. Fraternities and sororities also place academic demands on members so your grades are where they should be. Some even put members on probation if their grades are low enough.

If you’d rather put your efforts into Northeastern’s online MBA program, there’s no problem skipping Greek life altogether. It can be expensive and the rules, time commitments, and the potential for hazing turn many people off. Joining Greek life is an option you can accept or pass on; it all depends on your needs and expectations.