One very important piece of advice given to people travelling to another country is that, for their good,  they should be security conscious.

As much as you can, whenever you find yourself in another country, you should not let your guards down, you might be a potential target to a criminal. Check for ways in which people have been dispossessed of their belongings during travels.

One way that people that rent a car during vacation ensure that they are safe is by doing car rental drop-off. This means that they will drop off the car that they rented in a different location from where they picked it up so that their location cannot be traced. The rental service will be responsible for going to pick the car at the drop off location. Some people also use this car rental drop off when they need to catch a plane or a train so they will park the car at the train station or the car park. Here are 4 tips that you can use to avoid car rental drop off fees.

1.     Upfront Payment:

Some car rental services allow renters to pay for their rentals ahead of their reservation. This usually comes with a discount on the price. The discount will be just enough for you to pay the car drop rental fees so technically it looks like you did not pay the car drop off fees. If you are going to pay upfront, make sure that you have a fixed plan because these upfront payments are usually non-refundable.

2.     Coupons and Discounts:

There are usually special discounts that some car rental services offer customers and some discounts are even on drop off rentals. You can check booking sites or aggregators to find discounts if they are not available on the car rental’s site. You can also use coupon sites to find coupons.

3.     Follow Seasons:

Car rentals move their business from north to south depending on the season. So if you are lucky enough, you can get a good deal from a car rental service migrating to your location. Generally, rental companies migrate to the south in winter, then when winter leaves and spring comes, they go back up north. If you can catch a car rental service moving in your direction, they will be more than happy to waive the car rental drop off fees.

4.     Use Driveaways:

A driveaway is an agreement between a traveller and a driveaway company. The traveller parks a car at a particular location and the driveaway company sends a driver to pick the car and drive it to another location that the traveller has specified. The cost of driveaways is usually cheaper than car rental drop off fees which helps you save more. If you are the kind of traveller who might make a last-minute change in your travel plan, then a driveaway is recommended for you.

Car rental drop off fees can be highly priced and can eat into your travel budget. These tips will help avoid these fees and put some money in your pocket.